1.    Vegetation on serpentine soils in Pacific states and Canada. Transplant studies in Cascades; floristics of Wenatchee Mts. Monograph on Flora of California Serpentines.

2.    Systematic (Taxonomic) work in genus Streptanthus  (Cruciferae): revision of subgenus Euclisia.

3.    Phytogeography of flora of Pacific Northwest.

4.    Heavy metals and serpentine flora (with R. Reeves, Massey University, NZ).

5.    Monograph on Flora of California serpentines.

6.    Genetics of serpentine tolerance (with Dr. Toby Bradshaw).

7.    Books in progress (will be completed by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott,  Dr. Dick Olmstead and Rowland Adeniyi)

1.      Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest: Third Edition

2.      Plant Hunters of the Pacific Northwest